WILD Tara river rafting

A river bordering two countries, that runs wild and fast, brings adrenaline and peace at once. Tara is a true beauty, running through its deep canyon, filled with different waterfalls and hidden places. Worth of seing.

DRAGON path - Umoljani village

There’s a story old as the village we will visit. It’s a story about courage, faith and mythical creatures. Walk down the dragon path, drink the fresh water from the source and breathe in fresh mountain air.

SILENCE of nature - Skakavac waterfall

Just an hour away from the city lies hidden waterfall. It’s called Skakavac (Grasshopper) for a reason. It’s water seems like jumping against the rocks, going liberated into the haze to refresh nature-lovers who have come to see it. Quick hike for the escape from the city hustle.

OASIS of peace - Lukomir village

Some five hundred years ago highlanders were roaming around the country in search for better place for life, and they found their oasis of peace, Luka mira, high up in the mountain. Follow their path and hear their story.

Emerald GREEN Neretva river rafting

White water rafting is always unique experience, but when you have the opportunity not just to go down the river but also to drink it, then you know that you’re doing something special. Neretva is definitely unique river, by colour, wild life and experiences it brings. Don’t miss this!

Her majesty - VISOČICA mountain

If you would ever like to feel like you’re standing at the edge of the World this just might be the spot. Deep canyon, craters on the other side, and you, standing at the ridge of one of the most beutiful mountains in Sarajevo proximity. True nature-lovers will enjoy this hike, for sure.

OLYMPIC mountain Trebević

Olympic mountain Trebević is closest to the city and it hides one of the coolest things in Sarajevo, a real bobsleigh track that remains after the Winter games in 1984. We will see it on our way to the top of the mountain, where you’ll enjoy some silence with a city in your view-sight.

MAHALA downhill

How do you feel about the mix of hiking and city touring? First we’ll ride cable car, after we will go downtown, through the neighbourhoods (mahala) of Trebević side of the city and hear a bit about Sarajevo and it’s unique urban planning.