Cool handicraft tour

Who were mudželiti and why were they valued throughout the Ottoman Empire? What did muvekits do and why they were particularly important for the religious life of Sarajevo and its citizens? Who were abadžije, and who were kazazi? Find out on this magnificent tour that we are offering.

Through a thematic tour of the Baščaršija crafts, our visitors will be introduced to the history and tradition of old craftsmanship in Baščaršija through centuries. The story of crafts will also describe the historical development of Sarajevo as the capital city, as well as the crafts and trade center of Bosnia and Herzegovina, especially during the reign of the Ottoman Empire in these regions.

We will visit a traditional craft workshop and have a short lesson of the old Sarajevo’s crafts, and have the opportunity to create our own unique Sarajevo souvenir.

Departure: Catholic Sacred Heart Cathedral
Start time: 10 am (booking needed)
Duration: 4 hours
Includes: Licenced tour guide

PRICE: 39€ per person*

*Price is based on a minimum 2 persons.
*Price is negotiable for group +8 persons