On our Multi-day trips you will visit Memorials


It doesn’t metter if you’re a history freak, or you’re looking for pictureque places for your Instagram feed, this is the trail you have to visit while in the Balkans.

Those Memorials are dedicated to the fallen heroes, built in futurist styles, what else should a simple traveller look for?


On our tours you will hear echoes of the fallen empires


Do you know how many empires rulled over Bosnia & Herzegovina? Do you know if any of those still exists?

Follow their paths, visit old rulling cities, abandoned fortresess, hear the heroes stories and become a knight.
Dare it?


Go WEST (2 days)

Take this trip exploring western Bosnia and Dalmatian coast with the pearl city of Split. We will visit Rama lake with the Island Monastary, Livno flat grounds with wild horses roaming freely, and on the second day we’ll hop for the swim at the sand beaches of Adriatic coast.

KRŠ of the south (2 days)

Trip that will give you an opportunity to roam around the Kings Landing on the second day. First we will explore Medieval tombstone necropolis in Stolac, then we’ll drink wine in Trebinje and on the second morning we will visit old city of Dubrovnik that stands strong for centuries.

PERKS of Eastern Bosnia (3 days)

Perfect combination of nature, history and adrenaline.

We will visit Višegrad and bridge on Drina river, Sutjeska National Park with the Monument for WWII victims and for the end we will follow Tara river from Montenegro to Bosnia & Herzegovina for sweet adrenaline end.