SARAJEVO for beginners

Two hours won’t be enough, but you’ll get basic information on customs of Sarajevo, and a glimpse into it’s great history.

The ART of survival

Sarajevo has survived, many times. This survival became art, people of Sarajevo became inventors and we will be your narrators. Learn from the past, for the brighter future!

7 cool BRIDGES of Sarajevo

One small river, lots of bridges with specific stories from the history. We will visit 7 of them, and learn almost all about Sarajevo through those walks. Unique experience, for sure!


Through this thematic tour of the Baščaršija crafts you will be introduced to the history and tradition of old craftsmanship in Baščaršija through centuries.

Muslim HERITAGE of Sarajevo

Muslims of Bosnia and Herzegovina are well adapted to the life in the center of Europe. Hear their story, learn something more about Islam, see the other side of the religion.

Cool MUSEUMS tour

Looking for a deeper meaning, cool exhibits and unique elements of history? We have it all, just scattered around on multiple locations, and we will visit just the best ones, so join us in exploring!

Jewish HERITAGE of Sarajevo

Do you want to know why Sarajevo is considered the safest city for Jews in Europe? When did Jews come to Bosnia and what inheritance did they leave to Sarajevo? Join us on this unique tour.