Eat as LOCALS do

There’s no better way to get to know the culture of one city than through its gastronomy. We will visit some traditional places, and surely we’ll have a bite where locals eat!


Through this thematic tour of the Baščaršija crafts you will be introduced to the history and tradition of old craftsmanship in Baščaršija through centuries.


The other side of the penny, huh? Maybe it is a bit morbid way of learning the history, but where do all those people who made it lie down today? Exactly, at cemeteries… So let’s roll the hills of Sarajevo together.

Coffee makers - Fildžan viška

The workshop takes around one hour and it gives excellent insight into the history of coffee making & drinking, its influence on culture, religions and sicience in Bosnia and Herzegovina.
Dare to try?


Walter defends Sarajevo


Have you seen a movie Walter defends Sarajevo? What are you waiting? This is a must before the tour! We will take you to all of the movie locations, and you will even be reworded at the end…