Active holidays in pristine nature


If you want to explore the nature and all its gifts then White water rafting in Bosnia & Herzegovina should be on your list of the activities. Raft on one of the four rivers and prepare yourself for the adrenaline rush!

Choose between Neretva, Tara, Una and Vrbas, or do all four!

Meet the locals!


Isolated villages, wild nature, adventurous hikes and delicious homemade bites for the end. This is what the hiking with us is all about. Not just that you’ll reconnect with nature, but you will meet the local comunity, share the plate with them and become richier for new friendship for the lifetime.



KINGDOM of Bosnia

This is where the kings used to roam, hunt and rule. Visit Kraljeva Sutjeska monastery and Vranduk fort to get a glimpse on glorious days of Kingdom of Bosnia.

Reveling SECRETS - Tito's Bunker

Rare are the people who left such big legacy and impact on multiple nations. Josip Broz Tito was that person. Visit his biggest secret, a Military base hidden in the mountain, D0 Ark Bunker. Today a museum and bienalle of art location, well worth of seing.

MEDIEVAL Herzegovina

Not just that the last queen of Kingdom of Bosnia was from the area, but this part of the country has the resilience and uniqueness in it that we will show you while visiting Mostar, Blagaj and Počitelj.

DRAGON path - Cold creek hike

There’s a story old as the village we will visit. It’s a story about courage, faith and mythical creatures. Walk down the dragon path, drink the fresh water from the source and breathe in fresh mountain air.

OASIS of peace - Lukomir village hike

Some five hundred years ago highlanders were roaming around the country in search for better place for life, and they found their oasis of peace, Luka mira, high up in the mountain. Follow their path and hear their story.

Bijambare CAVES

If you are craving for one relaxing day sounded by beautiful and untouched nature, if you like the sound of wild nature then book this tour with us and you will not regret it!

Take a long walk, explore the caves and enjoy the silence.


Do you like the outdoors? Come with us, spend one full day hand picking and tasting the most delicious organic fruits and fruit products you will find in this part of the world.

Sound delicious? Join us!

Bridge on DRINA river

One of the most famous bridges of this country was built in the XVI century. It became world famous after Ivo Andrić won the Nobel prize in Literature, and one of his most famous books is Bridge on Drina river. Read it to know more about the old days, and with us learn more about the recent history of the bridge.

Andrić said:
“Lands of great discoveries are also lands of great injustices.”

HIGHLIGHTS of central Bosnia

Heart of Bosnia and Herzegovina is full of rivers, forests and medieval towns. On this trip be sure not to miss the old Ottoman part of Travnik, its fortress overlooking the city, birth home of Nobel prize winner Ivo Andrić, and then up in the north be sure to see Jajce waterfall, catacombs and the fortress of the Kingdom of Bosnia.

A lot to see!

Emerald GREEN Neretva river rafting

White water rafting is always unique experience, but when you have the opportunity not just to go down the river but also to drink it, then you know that you’re doing something special. Neretva is definitely unique river, by colour, wild life and experiences it brings. Don’t miss this!

WILD Tara river rafting

A river bordering two countries, that runs wild and fast, brings adrenaline and peace at once. Tara is a true beauty, running through its deep canyon, filled with different waterfalls and hidden places. Worth of seing.