Balkan people are know by their hospitality and friendliness. One of the reasons for it, beside the Mother Nature, is rakija.

Let’s visit some of the villages in the east of the country that are producing best homemade brandy, and it doesn’t matter if it’s plum, apple or pear. They are all perfect for good tasting.

Deep ROOTS farming in Herzegovina

Ever wondered what it’s like to drink fresh milk just hours after the milking? Ever wondered how tomato smells? Ever tried cheese over a year old that has matured in sacks?

Herzegovina is paradise land for all of the above. And not just that, you will get involved on a higher level, get your hands dirty so to say. Cow milking in progress…

Highlanders from LUKOMIR village


Rare are those places that can show you similarities and differences of the passing generations. Rare are those agencies that can organize a three generations meeting where you hear the wisdom of the elders, taste the food of grownups and get guided by the youngest.

Most isolated and highest situated mountain village awaits. This is the place to enjoy the silence and meet the true locals.

We are highlanders from Lukomir.

Blessed UMOLJANI villagers

There are just couple of those small mountain villages that are still alive, and are depending on their own hand-work for survival.

Umoljani is one of those villages and, as many others, have it’s own legends that are worth of hearing. Wanna know more about the sleeping giants or scary dragons? The locals will gladly share it with you.


Imagine Mediterranean, sunbathed land, wild rivers and high mountains. That’s the approximate description of Herzegovina.

The land here is not generous, but everything it does give is top quiality. Cheese, lamb, fish, honey, wine… Everything full of different flavours to indulge your senses and feed your inner hedonist.

HIGHLIGHTS of central Bosnia

 Heart of Bosnia and Herzegovina is full of rivers, forests and medieval towns. On this trip be sure not to miss the old Ottoman part of Travnik and its fortress overlooking the city. Then up in the north be sure to see Jajce waterfall, catacombs and the fortress of the Kingdom of Bosnia.

After all that city touring we will go to the first API-chamber located in the nature nearby the city to clean your lungs and breathe deeply.

HERITAGE woodcarving in Konjic

There are total of four UNESCO protected heritage in Bosnia and Herzegovina. This is one of them. Woodcarving is several hundreds of years old craft that has been perfected in the small city of Konjic.

We will visit the museum and try to woodcarve ourselves, walk over the Old bridge in the city center and enjoy the emerald green Neretva river while sipping Bosnian coffee.

Bridge on DRINA river

One of the most famous bridges of this country was built in the XVI century. It became world famous after Ivo Andrić won the Nobel prize in Literature, and one of his most famous books is Bridge on Drina river. Read it to know more about the old days, and with us learn more about the recent history of the bridge.

Andrić said:
“Lands of great discoveries are also lands of great injustices.”