Coffee makers - Fildžan viška


The workshop takes around one hour and it gives excellent insight into the history of coffee making & drinking, its influence on culture, religions and sicience in Bosnia and Herzegovina.
Dare to try?


Cooking with locals

Have you ever wondered about the Bosnian cuisine? With help of the locals who are equailly in love with homemade meals we’re bringing you a unique experience – workshop of making tasty dolme and best pita in the world!

Old crafts resurrected

For houndreds of years old coppersmiths were producing different items in Baščarija, and on this tour you’ll have the opportunity to learn how to do it by yourself! Become the keeper of the old tradition and make your own souvenier in the process.

Back to the future - Time Travelling


You know those photos before and after? They are always cool to compare and analize. Well, we have something similar, but can’t do it without you! Become our main protagonist of time travelling, dive into the past and see yourself in the future. Cool souveniers are included!


Walter defends Sarajevo


Have you seen a movie Walter defends Sarajevo? What are you waiting? This is a must before the tour! We will take you to all of the movie locations, and you will even be reworded at the end…