Basic tours

It all starts with a good base!

When in Sarajevo, you HAVE to do just two things: explore its narrow streets and taste the local cuisine. Everything else is an extra and will deepen your connection with this amazing city.

2 hrs, €29/person

Core of Sarajevo

This tour is designed to make you fall in love with Sarajevo. At the end of it you’ll know its history, main spots, shopping areas, best coffee places and hidden nooks to hide from the crowds. Come and join us on this love journey through the centuries!

City Hall of Sarajevo



Includes: Bosnian coffee

4 hrs, €39/person

Eat as locals do

Sarajevo is known for its delicious food, created by the mix of different cultures that were present throughout history. Enjoy with us in the traditional delicacies offered by this city. Only things needed for this tour are empty stomaches and a good appetite.

City Hall of Sarajevo

Walking / Eating / Drinking


Includes: Traditional food tasting, Bosnian coffee