Lee C.

USA Florida, organized family package trip in 2023.

Samra arranged a custom tour for us and Safet and Edina picked us up in Split before giving us a grand tour of Herzegovina and then Sarajevo. This team (family) was absolutely wonderful! We saw and learned so much in the three days we were with them. Not only did Edina give us the history of every spot we visited, she had stories and personal experiences that really connected us to what we were seeing and doing. She was passionate about the land and the people and the history of this incredible area. She recommended the best spots to grab coffee or have lunch, the most authentic shops to purchase traditional crafts and the best sights to return to when we were on our own. We were fortunate enough to be invited to the home of Edina and Samra’s parents in the hills above Sarajevo for coffee, elderberry tea and baklava. This may have been my favorite part of our trip and we felt immediately adopted by this extraordinary family. I feel as if we will be friends for life. Thank you Samra, Safet and Edina, for a most amazing adventure!

Joe W.

UK based, Sarajevo City Tour in 2023.

Samra gave me the best tour of Sarajevo I could hope for! It was so educational and informative. Without it I would have walked some past important landmarks and not known how to drink Bosnian coffee! She also gave me some excellent tips for other locations.

Highly recommended. It made my trip!

Annette P.

USA Cleveland based, organized friends package trip in 2022.

Traveling with CoolTour Agency is THE BEST way to experience Bosnia & Herzegovina! From the planning process to the trip itself, CoolTour Agency truly sets itself apart from other tour agencies as a top rate tour company offering an authentic vacationing experience. Our guide Samra was organized and very responsive during the planning process. She addressed all our needs, questions/concerns, and interests. Our tour was personalized to include sites we wanted to see and some fun additions only a local would know about. Samra’s enthusiasm for her country comes through all the carefully planned activities and site tours. Samra was an erudite tour guide and delightful company. Touring with Samra felt more like traveling with a knowledgeable friend than a tour guide. Bosnia & Herzegovina has so much to offer it’s tourists. The country has an interesting history, lively cities, gorgeous scenery, wonderful food, and an outstanding alcohol selection. It is a must see country of Europe and CoolTours is the best agency to show off this wonderful Balkan gem!

Ahmed El-W.

Quatar based, organized tour package in 2019.

“I booked my flight last minute to Sarajevo and I am so glad I met Samra from CoolTour. She is an excellent guide, extremely helpful and made my trip better than I could ever have expected. If you want to have an extra cool tour of Bosnia, and be satisfied on all levels, I would highly recommend you contact her.

Dara R.

USA Texas based, Sarajevo City Tour in 2018.

“Samra Čomor is the best tour guide I have ever encountered. She is extremely knowledgeble and was able to answer any question our group posed. She was open, honest, and historically accurate with a unique personal perspective. Her sense of humor was delightful, and I hope she is my guide again sometime soon.”

Ian S.

UK based, Sarajevo City Tour in 2023.

This was an excellent walking tour with our guide, Edina, who has a lovely infectious personality and passion for her City. She gave us a great overview of the history, both ancient and recent, of this wonderful city with its elements of both east and west. We saw all of the major buildings in the three hour tour, even visiting a traditional 16th century Islamic coffee shop where the colour and smells were tantalising. Highly recommended.

Nadi O.

Israel based, organized group tour package in 2023.

My group from Israel enjoyed 2 days with the good guides of Cooltours. We spend a a long day+ with Samra – a great guide with a lot of knowledge and passion, very intelligent young woman who took us over Sarajevo and the entire group from Israel praised and loved her.
We also had some lovely hours with Ifran – another very nice and informative guide.

Try to use their services – you will nor regret!!
Nadi Ormian – Tour guide Israel.

Marian A.

UK based, Sarajevo City Tour in 2022.

We had a wonderful half day Sarajevo city tour with Samre, including a traditional lunch & learning how to drink Bosnian coffee after walking up to the Yellow Fort for a view of the city. Samre’s English is excellent, as is her knowledge of her city, but it her personal warmth & history that make her tour so special. Would throughly recommend her & if we return to Sarajevo look forward to seeing her again.

Collen R.

USA Minesspta based, Srebrenica visit in 2021.

I went on a private tour to Srebrenica with Samra and it was the highlight of my time in Sarajevo. The visit was incredibly informative and I appreciated the perspective and personal stories Samra shared with me. I took the tour since I have been studying Srebrenica and the Balkans and the memories and experiences from this trip are something I will take with me for years to come. Samra was one of the absolute best tour guides I’ve had the pleasure of going on a tour with during my month-long vacation in the Balkans!

Anesa Š.

Bosnia and Herzegovina based, organized University trip in 2019.

“It was fantastic. The guide was local, super fun and super friendly. Also very informative and knowledgeable, funny and relaxed. Whole experience was extremely enjoyable and original.

Special thanks to Samra.

Jean Kee

Singapore based, Sarajevo City Tour in 2019.

“Samra is one cool lady who knows her audience and her country. Her wit and knowledge will add that special rustle to every trip she handles.”

Ann W.

Australia based, Sarajevo City Tour in 2018.

“We always book a half day tour of major cities we visit finding them helpful culturally, historically and socially. Wow! Best ever! Samra was an absolute joy to spend the day with. She puts a great deal of effort into making the time and money spent fun, informative, relaxing, insightful. Her knowledge is extensive and she combines this with warmth and an infectious passion for her city and her country. She clearly loves her job and the people who come with it! We spent a second session with her and wished we’d had time to visit her grandparents in the mountains- they sound extraordinary people. Oh, it was so good I nearly forgot to write – her English is perfect. We would highly recommend Samra and her services.”

Heske B.

Finland based, Fildžan viška tour in 2023.

Samra and her family gave us an unforgettable experience in Sarajevo! She wanted to give us the real Bosnian coffee drinking/making experience so she arranged the workshop at her own home with her own family and a nice overview over the city of Sarajevo. This really added to the experience of the workshop and made the workshop even more special. Step by step we were taught how to make the coffee from roasting the beens up to drinking it ourselves. During the process we were taught about the traditions of making/drinking coffee in Bosnia and had lots of laughter. After that we drank the coffee with her family and had nice conversations while overlooking the city. Her family as herself were very warm and welcoming. We would definitely recommend doing this workshop!

Erika M.

Croatia based, organized friends trip in 2023.

We were group of 12 friends travelling from Zagreb (Croatia) to Dubrovnik (Croatia) but we wanted to explore and learn about Bosnia which made us decide to travel by minibus and organize our own private tour.

We were lucky to have Samra help us and organise our travel through Bosnia (we visited town of Jajce , town of Travnik and finally Sarajevo and Mostar.
Samra not only organised our guides in each city and helped with all museum entries, she also helped us find best suitable accommodation in each town and helped us with places to eat in each place we visited.
Samra was our guide in Sarajevo. She was taking us through her city with amazing knowledge but also very interesting insider stories which made us all not notice we were waling around for 2 full hours.
The whole group of very challenging listeners loved her stories.

Beatrijs L.

Netherlands based, TV crew filming Bosnia and Herzegovina in 2021.

We had a wonderfull two day trip experience with Samra! We went to Lukomir were here grandparents still lived and it was amazing to hear all the stories first hand. There couldn’t have been a better guide to tell us all about the village, the hystorie and the challenges the village has to face in the future.

We enjoyed it a lot!

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Zsofia N.

Hungary based, organized tour package in 2019.

“I mean, seriously? I’ve been on a trip with Samra and it was amazing. She has a huge knowledge about the city and definitely the most passionate person I’ve ever met. She’s funny and witty. I enjoyed the time I spent there, no doubt! Can’t wait to get there again! Thank you! 

Totally recommended, that’s not even a question!”

Coen H.

Netherland based, organized tour package in 2017.

“I had the opportunity to be guided through Sarajevo by Cooltour. They were very friendly, knew some very cool insights about the city and their English was perfect. Highly recommended to take a city tour with Cooltour Sarajevo.”

Francesco M.M.

Italy based, organized group tour package in 2016.

“it’s easy and difficult at the same time to write a review. Easy because I had a wonderlful experience visiting Sarajevo (and around) and difficult because I would really like to tell you… With the right words, join their tours and these girls and boys! I know them for years, they are not newborn in tourism, and have a very good expertise. I have been in Sarajevo several times before, but when I discovered it by them, all got another sense and point of view! That’s really the case: it’s not only the place… It’s the guide that makes it interesting!”