Coen Haver

“I had the opportunity to be guided through Sarajevo by Cooltour. They were very friendly, knew some very cool insights about the city and their English was perfect. Highly recommended to take a city tour with Cooltour Sarajevo.”

Netherland based, visited Bosnia and Herzegovina in 2017.

Dara Rossi

“Samra Čomor is the best tour guide I have ever encountered. She is extremely knowledgeble and was able to answer any question our group posed. She was open, honest, and historically accurate with a unique personal perspective. Her sense of humor was delightful, and I hope she is my guide again sometime soon.”

USA based, visited Bosnia and Herzegovina in 2018.

Francesco Meriani Merlo

“it’s easy and difficult at the same time to write a review. Easy because I had a wonderlful experience visiting Sarajevo (and around) and difficult because I would really like to tell you… With the right words, join their tours and these girls and boys! I know them for years, they are not newborn in tourism, and have a very good expertise. I have been in Sarajevo several times before, but when I discovered it by them, all got another sense and point of view! That’s really the case: it’s not only the place… It’s the guide that makes it interesting!”

Italy based, visited Bosnia and Herzegovina in 2016.

Ann Weber

“We always book a half day tour of major cities we visit finding them helpful culturally, historically and socially. Wow! Best ever! Samra was an absolute joy to spend the day with. She puts a great deal of effort into making the time and money spent fun, informative, relaxing, insightful. Her knowledge is extensive and she combines this with warmth and an infectious passion for her city and her country. She clearly loves her job and the people who come with it! We spent a second session with her and wished we’d had time to visit her grandparents in the mountains- they sound extraordinary people. Oh, it was so good I nearly forgot to write – her English is perfect. We would highly recommend Samra and her services.”

Australia based, visited Bosnia and Herzegovina in 2018.

Jean Kee

“Samra is one cool lady who knows her audience and her country. Her wit and knowledge will add that special rustle to every trip she handles.”

Singapore based, visited Bosnia and Herzegovina in 2019.

Zsofia Nagy

“I mean, seriously? I’ve been on a trip with Samra and it was amazing. She has a huge knowledge about the city and definitely the most passionate person I’ve ever met. She’s funny and witty. I enjoyed the time I spent there, no doubt! Can’t wait to get there again! Thank you! 

Totally recommended, that’s not even a question!”

Hungary based, visited Bosnia and Herzegovina in 2019.

Anesa Šehić

“It was fantastic. The guide was local, super fun and super friendly. Also very informative and knowledgeable, funny and relaxed. Whole experience was extremely enjoyable and original.

Special thanks to Samra.

Bosnia and Herzegovina based, organized University trip in 2019.

Ahmed El-Wakil

“I booked my flight last minute to Sarajevo and I am so glad I met Samra from CoolTour. She is an excellent guide, extremely helpful and made my trip better than I could ever have expected. If you want to have an extra cool tour of Bosnia, and be satisfied on all levels, I would highly recommend you contact her.

Quatar based, visited Bosnia and Herzegovina in 2019.