Unique tours

You probably know what we’re talking about.

But, let us explain… We want you to bring that special, local, almost tribal knowledge from Sarajevo, and we want you to fall in love with the misteries, tastes and brightness of this city.

2 hrs, €24/person

Fildžan viška – Coffee makers

The workshop is organized in a home (or a backyard) of a local family and it gives excellent insight into the history of coffee making & drinking, its influence on culture, religions and science in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Dare to try?

City Hall of Sarajevo

Coffee making


Includes: Transfer, Bosnian coffee

4 hrs, €59/person

Cooking with locals

Bosnian cuisine is a mixture of Turkish, central European and Mediterranean cuisine. Be sure that you’ll try best dolme, burek (pita) and sweetest baklava in this city. But, we don’t want just to take you to try it, we want to dare you to make it by yourself (with some help from our local kitchen masters).

City Hall of Sarajevo

Eating / Drinking


Includes: Transfer, Homemade food, Drinks

3 hrs, €39/person

Mahala downhill

Urban planning of Sarajevo, or the lack of it, is visible from the air, but this tour is all about experiencing the narrow streets of the city.  This is where you’ll understand the concept of mahala (or neighbourhood), the meaning and legends. To be mahalac, or not to be? Where do čaršijaneri stop? The difference between avilijčad and haustorčad? We will explain it all…

City Hall of Sarajevo

Walking / Cable car ride


Includes: Cable Car entrance fee

2 hrs, €39/person

U pick fruits and veg!

This is a full experience that totally depends on the visiting season. If you do it in the summer you can treat yourself with cherry, apple or tomatoes (a full bag of it, tbh) in the autumn be ready to taste tastiest plums or peppers and during the winter explore the polytunnel and pick some strawberries or salad. All with the best view over Sarajevo!

City Hall of Sarajevo

Fruit and veg picking


Includes: Transfer, Bag of organic fruits or veg

1 hr, €29/person

Old crafts resurrected

To be honest, you can always buy yourself a cool handmade craft as a souvenir, but we’re offering you a unique experience in making one yourself. A simple bookmark? Cool earnings? Full coffee set with the panorama of Sarajevo? You can make it all by yourself (and with a bit of the help from our local copper-smiths that have been practicing how to work with copper for the past 500 years).

City Hall of Sarajevo

Souvenir making


Includes: Lesson and souvenir