Historical tours

Tours, but not in a school type of way!

Well, we have spent hours in preparing different tours that will give you that special point of view on everything that was happening in Sarajevo, since the begining of time! Come and join us.

4 hrs, €39/person

The art of survival

This tour and the museums (Tunnel of Hope, War childhood museum) tell the story of the dark and sad part of Sarajevo’s history. The way Sarajevo’s citizens survived is rightly called “The Art of Survival”.

City Hall of Sarajevo

Museum visits


Includes: Transfer, Entrances

4 hrs, €49/person

Olympic soul of Sarajevo

XIV Winter Olympic games were held in Sarajevo in 1984, those were one of the best organised games ever, with fresh snow, monumental new locations and pristine mountains to welcome the World athletes. 

City Hall of Sarajevo

Walking / Museum visit / Cable car ride


Includes: Transfer, Entrances, Cable Car entrance fee

2 hrs, €39/person

Walter defended Sarajevo

This is a full experience that totally depends on the visiting season. If you do it in the summer you can treat yourself with cherry, apple or tomatoes (a full bag of it, tbh) in the autumn be ready to taste tastiest plums or peppers and during the winter explore the polytunnel and pick some strawberries or salad. All with the best view over Sarajevo!

City Hall of Sarajevo



Includes: Souvenir

3 hrs, €49/person

Assassination of Franz Ferdinand

Three shots, two victims and one World War that changed the Map of Europe. Why was Franz Ferdinand in Sarajevo, what was teh reason behind the attack, who was Gavrilo Princip and why it all happend here? World War I from the beggining, the event that put Sarajevo on the map and made it a household name and that still influences the region and climate.

City Hall of Sarajevo

Walking / Museum visit


Includes: Entrance