Old crafts resurrected

If you’ve already walked around Sarajevo’s Old Town you’ve probably noticed a lot of copper items, such as coffee sets and wall decorations. To be honest, you didn’t even had to walk through the city to see it, if you Google Sarajevo you’ll probably find quite enough on this topic, since this is one of the trade-mark points of the city.

To be honest, you can always buy yourself a cool handmade craft as a souvenir, but we’re offering you a unique experience in making one yourself. A simple bookmark? Cool earnings? Full coffee set with the panorama of Sarajevo? You can make it all by yourself (and with a bit of the help from our local copper-smiths that have been practicing how to work with copper for the past 500 years). 

This workshop will get your hands dirty, literally, but for a positive cause. You will bring with you a piece of Sarajevo, and not just physical stuff, but also the knowledge and historical values of those crafts. So come and join us, be local handyman for a day.

Departure: TB Confirmed upon booking
Start time: TB Confirmed upon booking
Duration: 1 hour
Includes: Licenced tour guide, souvenir

PRICE: 19€ per person*

*Price is based on a minimum 2 persons.
*Price is negotiable for group +8 persons