KRŠ of the south (2 days)

This country has so much to offer, and also its neighboring countries. To make a perfect combination of Bosnia&Herzegovina and Croatia we have decided to explore Dubrovnik a bit closer. For the starters we will drive down to the south, visit Stolac and see it’s old fort walls, after which we will head to Trebinje, a Mediterranian small city that, unfortunatelly lacks the sea. What they do have is one of the best wine production history, and we will try that wine.

To fully understand the life of this part of the country we will visit Serbian-Orthodox Tvrdoš Monastery where the monks still produce wine. Here’s where we’ll see the foundations of 4th century Roman church inside the premises of the monastery, and beautiful icons and frescos on the walls of the existing church.

For the calm night we will stay in Trebinje, and on the second day we will go on a trip to Dubrovnik, one of the ever-lasting cities of the region. Here we’ll walk the main street of the city, walk down the same steps where Cercei walked on her walk of shame (we’re GoT nerds, yes!). And for the end we’ll enjoy a coffee at the coast, overlooking the open Adriatic sea with the sounds of birds flying high above us.

All details, such as prices and accommodation types, can be provided upon booking, since this may vary accordingly to the season.

Departure: TB Confirmed upon booking
Start time: TB Confirmed upon booking
Duration: 2 days
Includes: Licenced tour guide, transportation, accommodation