PERKS of Eastern Bosnia (3 days)

East of Bosnia is like a vast land of nature passages, history lessons and adrenaline injections. This three day trip serves so you could explore all of it.

We’ll start softly, with a history lesson, learning about Nobel prize winner Ivo Andrić and his book Bridge over Drina river, we will visit the bridge, and hear the story of it’s making and part in a modern-life Bosnia and Herzegovina. After this we’ll return to the nature, closer to the border with Montenegro, and to Bosnia highest peak, Maglić for accommodation by the river and a silent night.

On the second day we’ll mix history and nature, remember the glory days of Ex-Yugoslavia by visiting the Monument located in Sutjeska National Park. Monument that is rising from the ground, spreding it’s wings to tell the story of WWII battle that took place here. Second night will be spent in the same accommodation, so we don’t have to stress about the packing and moving. Maybe we can even fit a film screening, with Richard Burton starring as Tito in Battle of Sutjeska from 1973.

Third day will show us how two countries are using same resources in modern tourism, providing white water rafting on Tara river. Starting in Montenegro, ending in Bosnia & Herzegovina, so don’t forget your passport. Rush of the adrenaline in Europe’s deepest canyon, sounds like a perfect ending right?

All details, such as prices and accommodation types, can be provided upon booking, since this may vary accordingly to the season.

Departure: TB Confirmed upon booking
Start time: TB Confirmed upon booking
Duration: 3 days
Includes: Licenced tour guide, transportation, accommodation